Employers are facing a caregiving crisis, although many don’t recognize it. 

  • Employees who are caregivers spend on average 13 hr./ month searching for information
  • 70% of employees report having missed work due to caregiving responsibilities
  • 39% of caregivers leave their job to have more time to care for a loved one
  • Employees working remotely now are balancing, work, childcare AND caregiving whether in person or at a distance

The emotional, physical and financial challenges of being a caregiver can be overwhelming for the employee.  Having employees who are caregivers can be expensive for employers due to absenteeism, lower productivity and higher employee turnover.  The current Covid-19 pandemic has made caregiving situations more challenging and complicated because this crisis has increased restrictions for visitations, admissions to facilities, and availability of home care services as well as have added increased stresses in the home because of the demands of remote work and schooling and additional caregiving responsibilities.

That is why Caregiver Support Services, from Complete Elder Solutions, can provide expert guidance and personal support for employees who are struggling with the many aspects of caring for a loved one who is either close by or living elsewhere.

Unlike other caregiving support services, CES’s expertise spans the range of domains that impact caregiving.  Whether guidance is needed identifying and putting in place hands-on care in the home, preparation of important documents, filing Medicaid applications, or helping an aging loved one manage finances and organize the home, CES has in-house Care Advocates, attorneys and financial planners to assist in all these matters.

One call to CES, and we do all the heavy lifting for your employees. Drawing from over ten years of experience, we will assist your employee caregivers and get them the answers they need.   Telephonic, virtual and in-person assessments help our team develop a personalized plan that best matches loved one’s care needs. We then help the employee implement, and monitor, the Plan.

For even more support, employees get access to a unique CES Caregiver Support Application (mobile and PC-based) that they can use to stay in contact with their Care Coordinator, family members and care providers.  Important features such as messaging their care coordinator, secure document storage, care recipient schedule, and medication lists, among others, are valuable time savers, accessible on the go, and reduce the stress of caregiving.

By offering your employees the CES Caregiver Support Program, you can help attract and retain the best employees, increase productivity and minimize absenteeism.  This Program is a unique benefit that can help you create a more attractive work/life balance in an ultra-competitive and ultra-stressful employee environment.

For more information please contact Joe Martini, Director of Business Development, at: jmartini@completeeldersolutions.com or call 866-816-4915.

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