Employer Caregiver Support Services makes it easier for employees to make and implement care decisions and stay productive at work by:

  • Providing answers, guidance, reassurance and support to employees;
  • Educating them on caregiving, long term care, options for care, how to make care provider decisions;
  • Doing the leg work for employees, to investigate and find appropriate and available solutions for care that meet their families’ unique circumstances & needs.



Care Managers Providing Answers & Support


Care Managers Educating on Caregiving


Care Managers Doing Legwork for the Employees


Our team of specialists help veterans and their families understand and successfully pursue their legal rights and benefits. Navigating The Department of Veterans’ Affairs can be difficult. Our affiliated attorneys can help veterans seek appeals for disability ratings, give information on benefits and represent them before VA review boards.

Our aging care managers are available 24/7 in times of emergency. We can help the client and keep family members informed. Take the stress off your employees and reduce hours spent away from work by having our care managers handle the assessments on their behalf.

We provide help with independent living, assisted living, and nursing home options. In addition, we provide real estate and property management services.

When needed, our clients are referred to a team of professionals who specialize in providing services for the elderly & disabled, including attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals and financial advisors.

Managing rental properties can be challenging! To make it easier, we offer rental property management services that help clients maximize and retain occupancy, manage expenses, and optimize the return on investment.

We tailor our full-service professional marketing and management services to each client’s needs.

Whether your employee’s family member is downsizing from his or her current home to another or moving into a facility, Employer Caregiving Support can help with real estate services. Our affiliated providers are experts in rentals and sales.

Typically, seniors with a medical condition that requires a licensed nurse to be on duty 24/7 need to transition to a skilled nursing facility. Patients receive skilled nursing services along with help with the activities of daily living. We can help match each client with the right facility to meet each client’s special needs.

We assist clients in qualifying for Medicaid who otherwise would not qualify if they were attempting to apply without the use of an attorney or legal advice. If you’re concerned that you have too much income and or assets, we will complete the process together with our team of attorneys, affiliates, and staff, eliminating any stress you may incur during this difficult time. We understand navigating the Medicaid application process can be challenging, stressful, and emotional. When making the decision to transition a loved one to a nursing home or assisted living facility, we will complete the entire process.

  • Identify and review existing testamentary, trust, powers of attorney, health surrogates, living wills, advanced directives and insurance documents
  • Verify assets, titles, and beneficiary designations
  • Work with clients and their advisors to address decision making documents necessary for times of incapacity

When a client needs to go to the hospital to treat an illness or have surgery, we can help every step of the way. While a client is in the hospital, we can visit and monitor the client’s care and report his/her progress to loved ones. We can also take care of anything at the client’s home that needs attention from cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to pet sitting.

After discharge, Employee Caregiving Support monitors the client’s transition from hospital to the rehabilitation facility where patients receive physical and occupational therapy. We will continue to monitor any transfers the patient may go through, whether it is to another rehab facility, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or home where they may continue to receive physical and occupational therapy as needed. We make sure patients understand what’s going on throughout the process. Patients may also need some assistance from a professional caregiver to assist with the activities of daily life. The patient’s family can rest assured that their loved ones are being watched — whether the family is 10 or 3000 miles away.

Based on the client’s individual needs, we can help your employees select the right home healthcare solution. The level of care will depend on the client’s needs determined after the comprehensive assessment. Levels of care range from skilled nursing services and monitoring more complex health issues. These are performed by registered nurses or licensed practical nurses, to help with the activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, and meal preparation performed by certified nursing assistants or home health aides. Others may only need the services of a homemaker or companion.

Our team of affiliated attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers, financial advisors, and property managers can assist the client or client’s external advisors with the following services by:

  • Conducting comprehensive health and wellness assessments
  • Assisting with identifying medical professionals and coordinating appointments
  • Providing health care planning and coordination
  • Facilitating home healthcare selection and monitoring
  • Overseeing selection of caregivers and additional service providers
  • Coordinating relocations
  • Assisting with life transitions
  • Coordinating transport to appointments
  • Advocating at care conferences
  • Overseeing home adaptations or modifications
  • Monitoring food shopping to ensure kitchen is stocked with healthy foods

  • Our social workers can give assistance to employees and their families with the delicate tasks of end of life and funeral planning, including working with attorneys and accountants
  • We can also work with our clients’ personal representatives and/or trustees and their attorneys to assist with estate and trust administration with matters such as helping to coordinate the payment of all final expenses, filing insurance claims, appraising and selling property, and coordinating the distribution of assets to beneficiaries
  • We can also recommend and work with accountants to prepare individual, estate and fiduciary tax returns

The team of aging life care managers at Employee Caregiving Support assess, plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide services to meet the special needs of older adults. We are community resource specialists who coordinate health, financial, real estate, and social services for the elderly and their families. When necessary, we help our clients connect with professionals in financial planning, elder law, insurance, medicine, psychology, home health, and real estate. Advocacy for older adults is a primary function of the aging life care manager. For clients still in their homes, we can refer and monitor contractors to clean, repair, maintain, lease, and sell the home when necessary.

Crisis Medicaid Planning – Crisis Medicaid Planning is when an individual will be entering a nursing home within a short period of time. Or they are already in a nursing facility and need to qualify for Medicaid immediately.

Our extensive knowledge about assisted living facility options will make it easier for employees to make the right choice for their loved one. First, we take into account the level of care each client needs along with budget considerations. Then we make clients and their families aware of the culture and atmosphere of each facility along with the activities offered. Of course, the most important consideration is that each client feels comfortable in his or her new community. Every client is unique and we strive to identify what makes each client special and what their particular needs and comfort levels are.

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