Complete Elder Solutions can tailor a financial plan to suit any employer group so that employers so that they can craft a plan that provides caregiver support benefits to their employees structured in a way that fits within the employers’ finances.

  • Voluntary caregiver support benefits:

    In this model, the employer markets to its employees that a range of caregiving support services are now available to employees at a discount rate negotiated by the employer.  Services such as caregiving consultation and provider sourcing, legal services, and financial planning services would be available to employees on a fee for service basis.

    There is no employer financial outlay in this model.  The employer commits to an agreed upon level of regular communications to the employees to assure there is awareness of the benefit.
  • Subsidized caregiver support benefits:
    This model provides for a free initial one-hour consultation for the employee that is paid for by the employer.  After the Initial consultation, the employee can elect to purchase services as needed, at a discount, which will be attributed to the Employer’s negotiation.
  • Full employer sponsored caregiver support benefits:
    The Employer could provide a range of services that would be available to the employee at no cost to the employee.  Typically these services include a Caregiving Consultation and a pre-determined number of follow-up consults, researching and identifying long term care provider services (i.e. home care, Assisted Living, Nursing Home), consultation to identify financial entitlements, and an initial legal consultation related to Medicaid qualification and eligibility.  The employer would be charged a monthly PEPM (per employee per month) based upon the range of services included in the benefit.

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